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 How to take your Xbox 360 Apart and Jtag it !!

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CG Jamie
CG Jamie

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PostSubject: How to take your Xbox 360 Apart and Jtag it !!   Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:43 am

How to open your Xbox 360 and Jtag it.

In this tutorial i will help you take apart your Xbox 360 and Jtag it.

First of all make sure youre Xbox 360 is Jtagable. You can do that by going on Console settings and click on System info. Here is a picture of NON jtagable versions.

Here I will be showing you the motherboards with the exploitable kernals!

Xenon: 1888, 1902, 1903, 1920, 1921

Zephyr: 4548

Falcon/Opus: 5761, 5766, 5770

Jasper: 6750


You will need:

- A PC with an LPT port.
- A CAT5 cable.
- An LPT printer cable or male connector.
- A soldering iron.
- Reasonably good soldering skills.
- An Xbox 360 with a Xenon motherboard and a dashboard revision below the 8xxx series.
- Torx 8 and 10 screwdrivers, and optionally, a flathead screwdriver. (you can use just flat head thats what i done)
- Note this covers only the Xenon motherboard.

Taking your Xbox 360 apart

This is a video on how to do it:

If you followed the video correctly you should have done exactly the same.

Soldering the points

Here is a picture

You will need:

- Five 100 Ohm Resistors

- Three Switching diodes (Preferably IN4148)

- 0.8 mm diameter solder (if youre unable to find then a diameter of 1 mm is suggested)

- Kynar Wire 1.5 m

- LTP Connector

Here is a tutorial on what to do.

If you followed correctly then that part is done.
Dumping and flashing Nand

Here is a video expllaining what to do.

If you followed correctly then this part should be done. And you have the correct files for your Jtag.

Preperation and Flashing

Thats it you are done and your Jtag is now ready to use.
If in anyway you have damaged your 360 i take no responsabilieties. This is a only a guide to help you.

Note: The youtube videos are not mine all credit goes to the person that made it.
Please thank the topic on the way out if this helped.
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How to take your Xbox 360 Apart and Jtag it !!
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