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 How To Get Halo: Reach on a Jtag

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How To Get Halo: Reach on a Jtag Empty
PostSubject: How To Get Halo: Reach on a Jtag   How To Get Halo: Reach on a Jtag I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 8:54 am

1. Download and compile the downloads bellow, and take your 96abdab318524620af38b985010f3391ca5b4dcf.xcp fileand rename it reach.xcp
Downloads removed because it is warez - get Exclusive if you want them ~ Twis7eD

2. Make a folder named halo on the root of c: (c:\halo)

3. Download reach tool box (

4. Unzip tool box there will be a Reach.rar, god2iso.rar and wx360.rar

5. Unzip Reach.rar and place contents in root of c:\halo

6. Now double click on C_Drive_Extractor and follow instructions

7. When its done you should have a folder called "files" (c:\halo\files) insode it is Reach and

8. Now open your god2iso, click add and navigate to Reach (c:\halo\files\Reach). Next select output path and put in somewhere like your destop then select go.

9. While it is making your Iso make sure you thanked every one responsible again.

10. Now you should have a iso on your desktop. Open wx360, select your Reach iso, and select extract it ( you will need to make a folder called Halo Reach)

12\1. Once its done extracting you have a fully working game. Delete $Systemupdate folder. Now place on jtag and play.

If you dont have a jtag it wont work so dont ask .
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How To Get Halo: Reach on a Jtag
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