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 How to mod your gamertag [3d]

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CG Jamie

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PostSubject: How to mod your gamertag [3d]   Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:58 am

1). First go ahead and put your profile on your desktop from either your USB drive using USB XTAF Explorer or Transfer Cable using XPORT 360 . You could use your favorite storage device explorer as well =]

2). Open up EZGT 2.2 Final.

3). Now open your profile in EZGT.

4). Once your gamertag appears delete it and click the "Advanced" tab.

5). Click the "Add Hex (0d)" button once THEN add a space.

6). Click the "Add" tab and choose any color of your choice as a background/shadow color (I will be using Black which is ^0)

7). Now type in a 4 letter name (For this gamertag mod to work it only works with 4 letters. I will be using "HACK")

. Now click the "Advanced" tab and click "Add Hex (0d)" again. No need to add a space this time.

9). Click the "Add" tab and now choose your foreground color which is the color on top of the background color (I will be using Green which is ^2)

10). Now save your current changes, put your profile back into your USB drive or HDD (through XPORT 360)

From here just procede with the same steps you normally do after you mod your gamertag.
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How to mod your gamertag [3d]
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