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 Xex Menu on Jtag

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PostSubject: Xex Menu on Jtag   Xex Menu on Jtag I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 9:31 am

Ok first you will need two things.

1.A usb flash drive

2.A patch_mp from your desktop.

In this tutorial i will be telling you the correct way to do it.

First open up your USB folder on your computer.

On your computer do the following,

- Go to My Computer
- Click your USB

Next step,

You will need to drag your patch into your USB folder. Nothing fancy, just drag and drop the patch_mp.ff

Something i do is put each patch into a folder, labeled with the name of each patch.

Each folder contains the correct file ( Patch_mp.ff )

NOTE ~ You CAN put folders on your JTAG.

Now remove your USB from your computer and plug it into your JTAG.

Next, load up XEX loader.

Next, if your USB isn't showing, press ~X~. It should give you a list of Memory Devices to choose from.

-I forget this one ( I'll update later )

Go to USB and highlight the patch_mp.

Next, you need to highlight the patch_mp.ff and press ~Y~

- Once you've pressed ~Y~ a list comes up something along the lines of this.

-There's more, but thats the general idea. ( Will update later )

Once you are there, you want to copy the patch.

After you copy there should be a thing in the top screen that says USB/COPY/patch_mp

- When you see that then you know you copied it.

After that you will click the right bumper until you find HDD1.

Next, Click ~X~ again to prompt you with the memory devices.

- Click HDD1

After that, find your MW2 folder. I have my MW2 folder located in content. ( Don't ask me why, i just do )

Once you clicked MW2 folder, you should have a lot of junk there. That's good, now paste your patch_mp.ff into that folder. ( Press ~Y~ for list again )

It should prompt you asking if "you want to confirm this crap"

Obviously click ~CONFIRM~
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Xex Menu on Jtag
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