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 [JTAG] Update to 12611 in 9 easy steps

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PostSubject: [JTAG] Update to 12611 in 9 easy steps   Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:06 pm

This tutorial will upgrade your console from 8995 or 9199 to the latest Kinect dashboard 12611 (with Xbox Live capabilities)

Please refer to the images before trying to continue and MAKE SURE YOUR CPU KEY is Correct!

People already running freeBoot who do not have their original NAND image, make a backup of your NAND and use that as if it were your original.
People running XBR upgrade to freeBoot v0.032 using BestPig's ToolBox then use that NAND image to create freeBoot v0.04


Flash360 and Easy freeBoot (used in this tutorial)
Mirror #1
Mirror #2

Flash360 and latest Easy freeBoot (XP Compatible! Alternative for the one above)
Mirror #1
Mirror #2

Dash Launch v2.05 Only works with Kinect!
Mirror #1
Mirror #2

BestPig's ToolBox (For XBR user to upgrade to 9199)
Mirror #1
Mirror #2

Known Problems

Doesn't work with Windows XP (XP users use the alternative in downloads section)
Problems Occur with Jasper 256/512 NAND's
Application cannot read NAND from optical drives (CD's DVD's)
No DVD drive users need to use the alternative in downloads section

Creating your freeBoot image

1. Start Easy freeBoot and select create image (tick any boxes in applicable)

2. Find your original NAND or freeboot NAND

Resized to 84% (was 720 x 480) - Click image to enlarge

3. Get your CPU Key from XeLL and enter it into the box, making sure it is correct.

4. It will show a confirmation message with the motherboard type and CB version, if correct hit Yes

5. A command line program will start, press any key to continue

Resized to 89% (was 677 x 342) - Click image to enlarge

6. Continue pressing Enter/any key until it starts a process and finishes. When complete you will see something like this.

Resized to 89% (was 677 x 690) - Click image to enlarge

7. Press Enter to exit then wait a second and you'll be asked to save the file. Make Sure it's called updflash.bin and saved in the same directory as flash360's .xex

Resized to 84% (was 720 x 470) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 55% (was 1099 x 649) - Click image to enlarge

Flashing the updflash.bin to the NAND

1. Firstly, lets make a back up of your current NAND by pressing X, then A.

Resized to 93% (was 650 x 490) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 93% (was 650 x 490) - Click image to enlarge

2. Now that the back up is finished return to the main menu via pressing the back button.
Once at the main menu you will want to press A, Followed by B.
If you get a warning saying
"Your current NAND is not the ZeroPaired"
Ignore it any other error/warning post below!

To start the flashing process press start then A and wait until the flashing is complete. Press A then back twice, unplug your console from the wall/adapter for 30 seconds and plug back in.

Resized to 93% (was 650 x 490) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 93% (was 650 x 490) - Click image to enlarge

Welcome to Kinect!

If you are asked to connect to Xbox LIVE, say no
If you are asked to update on the Kinect dashboard, say no
Consult someone before doing so.

Thanks to all the coders and anyone who was involved with the making of these applications used in this Tutorial.

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[JTAG] Update to 12611 in 9 easy steps
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